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How long is the U-Pick season?

Our goal is to be open for U-Pick from early spring through mid-fall (approximately May 1st-October 15th). Basically, from the first daffodils and tulips through the last of the fall flowers. Alas, Mother Nature has some say in that, so follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates!

What are your hours? How do I know if you’re open?

We are open 9am-dusk during the flower season. Check out our Facebook/Instagram page for any updates.


I’ve never tried U-Pick before. How does it work?

It’s easy! When you arrive at Barnwood Farms, pull in the second driveway, park in one of the designated areas, and walk over to the retail shop. Just inside the retail shop is a welcome table where you will find snippers and a jar or vase to carry your stems in while you pick. Grab one of each, and head out to the flower fields. Each variety of flowers are labeled with relevant information, as well as the price per stem. Cut your stems at a length that works for your desired bouquet (remember, it's better to be too long than too short!). Once you're done cutting, head back to the barn where you can package and pay for your bouquet. On some days, we will even have pre-cut bouquets available for purchase in addition to your own creation!​ For U-Pick, we charge by the stem with prices ranging from $0.50 to $3.00. ​Payment can be made via cash, check or Venmo - @BarnwoodFarms. If we are around, we also accept debit or credit cards.

What do I need to bring with me when I come?

Nothing really, although you are welcome to bring your own vases and snippers. We will have a water jug for you to fill your vase next to the welcome table. Otherwise, we also have vases available for purchase or bouquet sleeves at no charge.


How much can I expect to pay for flowers? How do I know how much they cost?

We charge by the stem with prices ranging from $0.50 to $3.00. Look for the signs next to the flowers that indicate prices for each variety. We also have filler for your bouquets at no charge. 


What’s the best way to pay for my U-Pick bouquet or pre-made bouquet?

We accept cash, check, Venmo, and if we are around that day, debit or credit card. There is a drop box attached to the welcome table for your cash or check payments. We work on the honor system because we believe people are honest!  Prefer to pay via Venmo? Our name is @barnwoodfarms and you will also find a placard that you can scan attached to the welcome table.


Besides a U-Pick flower farm, what is Barnwood Farms?

In addition to the U-Pick flower farm, Barnwood Farms also features a vineyard with the goal of selling estate wine (stay tuned), a lavender field and lavender products, walking trails, and picnic facilities. Looking for a great place for senior or family pictures? We offer unique settings for some great photos.

I was hoping to do a photo session at Barnwood Farms. What’s the best way to set that up?

First off, thank you for thinking of us for your upcoming photo session! We kindly ask that anyone interested please fill out this form first. Your time is valuable to us, and this allows us to schedule a private session for you and your family or clients. To keep our grounds blooming and beautiful for photos, we do request a $50 session fee during the peak flower season (June 1st-October 1st), $25 session fee in non-peak times of the year. This includes up to a 3 hour private session, some flowers to use as props, and anything else you shall need. We also have a private room for your client’s wardrobe changes.



Interested in a seasonal pass?

Please email us for pricing!


Does Barnwood Farms host events?

Yes, we do! Some of the things we have planned are yoga sessions, wine and paint classes, bouquet making classes, as well as birthday parties and wedding/baby showers. Look for more information coming soon on Monarch Days in July. Email us if there is an event you would like to host at Barnwood Farms.


I’m interested in flowers for an outside event. Do you provide this service?

You are always welcome to come pick flowers for any outside event. If there is something in particular you need help with, please contact us so we can discuss it.


Where do I park once I get to Barnwood Farms? Where do I go?

We have parking available alongside our driveway. When you arrive at Barnwood Farms, pull into the second driveway, park in one of the designated areas, and walk over to the retail shop.


How/where do I cut the stems...I don’t want to hurt the plant? 

The important thing to keep in mind is the goal of your bouquet.  Are you looking for a long stemmed display for your deck, a short centerpiece for your kitchen table or a bouquet for a wedding?  It is much better to cut the stems a little longer than you need because you can always make them shorter. 


The best place to cut a stem is directly above a node of leaves and at a 45 degree angle. The angled cut provides additional surface area for the stem to absorb water. 


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