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Image by Alyssa Hurley

"I'm sure hundreds of people drove by the property with the "for sale by owner" sign in front and saw a dilapidated old house, a barn in disarray, an over-grown, out-of-control yard, and thought nothing more of it. I didn't either at first. However, each time I stopped, I discovered something new.

Eventually, I decided I had to own the property and was excited to take on the challenge of restoring it. What a challenge it was, and continues to be! As I began the renovations, I would often take breaks and walk the land, wondering what I should do with the tillable acres. My first inspiration came when I realized there was a grapevine growing in the corner lot. Being a wine drinker and a huge fan of Door County wineries, I made the decision to pursue a vineyard. 

The old barn would make a really cool tasting area, and an area outside the barn surrounded by an old stone wall, would be great for an outside deck. The cut-flower farm was an easy decision. My girlfriend, Holly, said "we should do cut-flowers." I said "okay." And so I began my education in flower farming. 

So what is Barnwood Farms? Yes, we sell cut-flowers and have a newly planted vineyard, but Barnwood is more than that. Barnwood is about experiencing the property - the one with hidden treasures all around. It has history, from the amazing architecture of the barn built by hand, to the newspapers and signage hidden in the walls, to the majestic pine trees that grow on the property. Barnwood Farms is about appreciation - appreciating the vibrant colors of the flowers, the sounds of the birds, and the way the sky looks at sunset. Maybe the smell of flowers takes you back to Grandma's house as a kid. Maybe you find the perfect background for a photograph, or maybe you just need to sit and breathe.

It's our sincere hope that each and every visitor will leave the property with a memory, or better yet, your own inspiration to pursue a dream."



Other Familiar Faces

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E290 Johnson Road Waupaca, WI 54981  |  We are Open! 9am - 7pm

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