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At Barnwood Farms, we provide our community with a temporary sanctuary and unique farm experience that provokes new and nostalgic memories through nature and creativity. Our specialty blooms are available June through the first fall frost at our U-Pick flower farm and storefront. Our in-house floral design classes and community events provide experiences for individuals and the whole family. We offer 4 and 8-week floral subscriptions for residents in the Waupaca area. For more information on how to purchase our flowers, visit our 'Shop' tab.


Slowing It Down

Our culture puts a large emphasis on productivity and work. While we’re proud of our hardworking nature, Barnwood Farms provides a space for our community to take a breath, calm the mind, and recharge. We want everyone to experience the farm in the way that they intend and need.

Keeping It Local

We're honored to be a part of the Waupaca community. The sense of togetherness, pride, and kindness is undeniable and without it, we wouldn't be where we are today. Helping our community, participating in events, and partnering with other local businesses is the 'why' behind what we do. 


Did you know that approximately 80% of flowers aren’t grown in United States? Not only are you supporting local by buying flowers through Barnwood Farms, but you're helping the planet too. We're proud to sell flowers locally to the Waupaca and surrounding areas only. 

Making It Yours

The way we see it, creativity is not an adjective to describe a person, but rather a muscle that you must exercise. Here at the farm, we believe everyone is creative in their own special way, and we strive to provide the space, events, and inspiration to spark and exercise that creativity. 



Rick + Holly

My name is Rick Walkush, and I'm the owner + founder of Barnwood Farms, as well as a Waupaca native. I bought the property now known as Barnwood Farms in 2020, and I have been restoring and reimagining it ever since. The love of my life and sidekick, Holly, has helped bring my ideas to life. If you see it with your eyes, smell it with your nose, or touch it with your hands, Holly was probably a part of it.


Barnwood Farms is more than a flower farm. It's a space to experience hidden treasures and history, and appreciate nature around you. From the hand built barn, old newspapers hidden in its walls, and the majestic pine trees to the vibrant colors of the flowers, sounds of birds, and the way the sky looks at sunset - there is magic to be found everywhere you look. Maybe the smell of flowers takes you back to grandma's house as a kid. Maybe you find the perfect background for a photograph, or maybe you just need to sit and breathe.


It's our sincere hope that each and every visitor will leave Barnwood Farms with a memory, or better yet, their own inspiration to pursue a dream.

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Squints, Barnwood Greeter


Abby, Marketing Manager


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