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Become a florist for the day at the Barnwood Farms U-Pick Flower Fields on Johnson Road! Cutting your own bouquets can be a fun activity with friends or the entire family. Create something beautiful with your own hands, and spend some time surrounded by blooming flowers!

When you arrive at Barnwood Farms, park in one of the designated areas and walk over to the retail shop. Just inside the retail shop is a welcome table where you will find snippers, and a jar or vase to carry your stems in while you pick. Grab one of each, and head out to the flower fields. Each variety of flowers are labeled with relevant information, as well as the price per stem. Cut your stems at a length that works for your desired bouquet (remember, it's better to be too long than too short!). Once you're done cutting, head back to the retail space where you can package and pay for your bouquet. On some days, we will even have pre-cut bouquets available for purchase in addition to your own creation!

For U-Pick, we charge by the stem with prices ranging from $0.50 to $3.00. We also have filler for your bouquets at no charge.

Payment can be made via cash, check or Venmo - @BarnwoodFarms. If we are around, we also accept debit or credit cards.



 Photo By: Avere & Co.


“Barnwood Farms is a pick your own flower farm located on the outskirts of town. This place, let me tell you... gives the sense of peace, the smells of heaven and the feeling of being care free. I wanted to kick my shoes off and run through the aisles of vibrant flowers with the wind in my hair and the earth beneath my feet. If Barnwood had a playlist, I’m sure it would be the sounds of Van Morrison or Ray LaMontagne. Get out there and gift yourself this beautiful experience. Take a hike on the trails around the property or bring your book and a blanket. Bask in the warmth of the sun and take in all the beauty. This place is sure a treat.”

Nicole F.

"Wonderful experience and beautiful property! So much fun selecting and cutting your own bouquet of flowers! I’ll definitely be back next summer."

   Joy S.

"We loved Barnwood Farms! We enjoyed walking around to look at the beautiful flowers, taking photos, and buying exactly what we wanted. We highly recommend it and cannot wait to return!"

Phil K.

"This was the perfect little trip for my daughter and I. It was her 8th birthday, and she wanted to go pick out her very own flowers."

Lauren C.


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