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The Faces Behind Barnwood

Hi, I'm Rick! Partner and father to some amazing humans, Waupaca native, outdoor and sports enthusiast, and most recently, the owner and founder of Barnwood Farms. I bought the property now known as Barnwood Farms - U-Pick Flowers & Venue (aka "the farm") in 2020 and have been restoring and reimagining it ever since. Most people would be surprised to know I had never planted a flower in my life before that.

It all started with the farm - a place for visitors of all ages to slow down, appreciate nature, and create something beautiful with their imagination. We knew selling smiles didn't end there. That's when the love of my life and sidekick, Holly, and I decided to open a storefront in the King area. Barnwood Farms - Flower & Keepsake Co. would showcase local artists, sell one-of-a-kind floral arrangements, and serve as a welcoming and cozy place for people to gather. 


If you see it with your eyes, smell it with your nose, or touch it with your hands, Holly was probably a part of it. She's been the inspiration behind everything we do here at Barnwood Farms.


Photo by Jana Tappa Photography

Get to know Rick

Get to know Holly

Coffee Order: Black, and preferably with a donut

Favorite TV Show: Yellowstone

Best Time of Year in WI: Summertime, of course!

Greatest Advice I've Received: You won’t hit it if you don’t swing

When I'm not working, you can find me:

In my deer stand. On the Chain O' Lakes, sampling Hinder's latest beer, visiting my kiddos in CO, or exploring with my love.

Drink Order: Thick Bloody Mary with mushrooms, meat and pickles!

Top Vacation Spot: Anywhere I haven’t already been

Favorite Thing About WI: I love the friendliness of Wisconsinites

Favorite Flower: Tulip, but Peonies have piqued my interest as of late

What you hope people take from Barnwood Farms:

I hope people feel a slower pace when they visit BWF.  Exploit all their senses - see the colors, hear the sounds of nature, smell the flowers, feel the earth. Reconnect.

Enjoying Coffee in Barnwood Farms Mugs
Photoshoot at Barnwood Farms in front of old blue truck

Photo by Jana Tappa Photography

Photo by Jana Tappa Photography

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